Equinity embodies the soul of Kentucky – horses and bourbon. When I first started this remodel project on a horse grange in rural Kentucky, the home was repressed in dark hues of green and brown with deep mahogany wood and desiccated leather. Natural light was extinguished by small rooms and vast walls. Our goal became to open the homes main space, lighten the palette, and define the structural components. Right away I was captivated by the stone fireplace. The colors of the stones were rich, warm, earthy shades that directed me to the caramel color of a spicy bourbon. This caused me to pivot from the warm palette and fuse it with cool shades of gray and steel blue. Reminiscent of a charred bourbon barrel, the hardwood floors lay the foundation to the soft textures like the mane of a horse. With the rustic lure I felt the kitchen would surrender the most volume with a clean, sleek, more modern appeal.